Its Karma

Making plans, promises, commitments,
Working, sleeping, socializing, eating,
Happiness, sadness, hard times, good times,
When anyone goes through a bad time, we rely on faith,
Hoping that good times are on your way,
Is it selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make yourself happy?
Sometimes not thinking is the best thing to do,
Not able to wonder, imagine or obsess, just breathe,
Wait and see who stays with you through your hard times,
Hearts breaking when you wait patiently and see the close one’s leave,
Hurting other people will make you end up staying alone,
The need to take revenge, or to just stay back,
And see how Karma will slap him,
All you have to do in life is live, love and laugh,
Let it go and set everything free,
As I drink my green tea.
– Aishwarya

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