The Three Magical Words

In the dark, we both walked alone,
Trees moving from left to right,
The fresh, cold breeze hit my face,
Soon, a touch of water on my head,
There was no time for me to even look up,
He shouted “it’s raining,let’s go back inside”
As we sat down, he glanced his eyes over me,
His eyes were shining like the stars in the night it felt prodigious,
There was so many feelings going around my body,
So much adoration possibly to fit in,
I could feels that he would say those three magical words
I looked at the lightning strikes across the sky,
We loved and let the world passed by as we soon cuddled up,
The warm and comfort was just perfect until he finally said
“I love you”
This just left me stunned as my heart skipped a beat.
– Aishwarya

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