Wabi – Sabi

Wabi – Sabi (A state of accepting the imperfections of life and appreciating them as beauty)

To be honest, I keep saying I don’t give a shit,
New change, a series of complicated situations,
All I want to do is focus and capture precious moments,
Fake people, life’s, lines and feelings,
My eyes tearing up each time I wake up,
I hide it, having smile to avoid the questions,
I just want to cuddle with my blanket and sleep all day,
Parting away from my close friends,
Not being able to do anything about it,
Nothing has a resides in life,
Trying to find my purpose and goal,
Feeling like a life without a soul,
I look in the mirror, face to face
I tell myself “it’s all okay”, Grasping the air,
Life is filled with ups and downs,
My mom saying, Learn from your mistakes and move on,
Value friendship, relationships, money, love, and faith,
Just stand in the rain,
And tell the water wash away the pain.
– Aishwarya

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