Mother earth

Dryland, no water, animals dying,
Leaves in the water still like a stone,
Sun shining bring, nature’s source of energy,
Trees discreetly write green love letters,
Tiny messages all rolled up tight,
Standing outside, holding the heavy night,
Grasping my hands, I softly stair into the outer space,
Whispering, murmuring “everything will be alright”
Deep down there will be a society where none intrudes anyone,
My brain spinning just like a tornado, strong and powerful,
I just want to curl up hiding my fear and the dread,
No man is honest to love,
Where birds are chirping the sound of nature,
trees moving side to side?
All I see a dead land, with a stupendous of light,
Wipe your tears, recollect the lost world,
The strength and force which is driven by us
Will give the mother earth immortality,
Leaving the world to sparkle.
– Aishwarya

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